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Ph: (701) 330-6772
Badass Industries is a custom stunt frame fabrication company owned and operated by me, Billie Johnson. I’m a typical entrepreneur who was sick of working for “the man”.  So I took my 18 years of experience as a welder/mechanic and applied it to what I love the most, stunting.  I currently sell full and half frames for any make and model to include custom bikes. In 2013, I will also be adding sub-frames, swing arms, cages and sub-cages to my product line.  Being a stunt rider, I know first hand what my clients want: a light weight frame that’s durable and affordable.  With that said, I only use high quality metal and tig-weld all of my frames by hand.
To top it off, my frames are reasonably priced and come with a lifetime guarantee.
We strive for perfection and take nothing less than that in our work.

BadAss Industries services include but are not limited to:
Metal Work, Custom Fabrication, Tube Bending, Motorsport Fabrication, Roll Cages, 
Motorcycle Hardware, Crash Cages, Subframe Cages, Full Tubular Motorcycle Frames and More!!!